Sunday, 22 March 2020

Chiller 2 - Two Level Demo

It's been a difficult couple of weeks for everyone (and by that I mean the entire World) with the onset of Covid-19 across the globe.

Therefore, to spread a little bit of love and cheer, I've decided to release a 2 level demo version of Chiller 2!

First a word of warning!  The game has not undergone extensive play testing yet by anyone else other than me, so some may find it a little hard!  After the play testing is complete, there are lots of tweaks that can be made to make things easier if required.  It has already been discussed that perhaps energy will be reset between levels and/or energy being 'topped-up' during play somehow.

This demo aims to give a little taster of the type of game it will be!

On the title screen, select either to play as the boy or the girl by pulling left or right on the joystick.  The boy is ' stronger' than the girl so can take collisions and lose energy a little slower than the girl.  However, the girl is a little lighter than the boy, so when jumping will stay in the air just a fraction longer making it easier to cross larger gaps or reach higher platforms.  Choose carefully, then press fire to play!

The aim of the game is to collect 20 crosses on each level to progress to the next level.  Each cross collected adds '1' to the cross counter in the middle of the status panel at the bottom of the screen and '100' to your score on the left of the status panel, as in the screen below.

Move your character around the level using the joystick, left and right to move.  A single fire button press activates 'jump'.  Holding down fire enables a double-jump; some 'platforms' may initially appear too high to reach with one fire button press so holding down the button and double-jumping means the character will jump up to the platform and then jump again.

Gravity is always active in the game, so walking off the edge of a platform will result in your character falling down the screen.  There is no limit as to how high you can fall from and no energy is lost.

If your character touches an enemy or certain parts of the scenery such as mushrooms, then energy is lost from your energy bar at the very bottom of the status panel.  Collision with enemies is quite 'loose' so they can often be passed without energy loss even if a few pixels are overlapping.  Mushrooms will only drain energy if they are walked over or fallen on.  You can jump up through or past them without energy loss.

A few tips!

Although the player character can move relatively quickly, rushing about is a guaranteed way of losing energy very quickly, ending the game.

Each level has been purposefully designed to be a type of 'puzzle' with some routes through being more optimal than others.  Take your time and plan your path; there is no time limit so you can stop and think.  Use strategy!  There are safe places on the levels where you can stand without fear of enemies crashing into you!

While stopping, watch and learn the enemy patrol routes.  Timing your jumps between and over them will result in more success!

The game ends when you run out of energy.

Please have fun, but more importantly, ensure you and your loved ones stay safe during these troubled times.

To play the 2 level demo, you can download it here...

TRIAD have just released a cracked version which you can download from CSDb here...

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